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This week has been interesting, to say the least, Dean Takashi “Doesn’t want to burn books”, Polygon makes us wonder “WHAT ABOUT THOSE BILLION DOLLAR DEVELOPERS D;”, Chris Avellone upsets people by saying games don’t need external politics, Iron Maiden sues 3D Realms, Collection of Mana incoming?, and Larian studios teases with “III”. We also talk Magazines with GamePro (US) Issue 1

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  • Dean Takahashi “journalism” ( )
  • Polygon article on lootboxes ( )
  • Chris Avellone: games can be apolitical -> people lose their mind ( ) ( )
  • Iron Maiden sues 3D Realms for “Ion Maiden” ( )
  • Collection of Mana trademarked in Europe ( )
  • Larian Studios teasing “III” (3) ( )

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