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With Resobaso absent due to being on a trip, Jennifer and ColdDeath talk about this week’s news. More bad news, some sad news and one downright bizarre entry.

Intro clip:
“The battle of strings and a cellphone” (a bit older, so recording quality isn’t perfect): 


  • What have we been playing / doing?
  • Rumor: Xbox Game Pass might come to Switch
  • Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime retiring soon
  • Youtuber apparently blacklisted by EA due to Anthem review
  • Layoffs at EA Studio “FireMonkeys”
  • Potential layoffs coming for ArenaNet
  • PS Vita manufacturing ending soon in Japan
  • Top sellers for PS4 in Japan
  • Iron Galaxy’s Dave Lang wants to make a Space Jam 2 game Topic 1

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