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A rather odd and stupid series of stories brings us back together for a new show, and tangents keep us laughing, Terrible Resetera articles, Activision laying off 800ish employees, EVO not liking T&A, Oxford telling us we should have known decades ago and even some Nintendo hype news to balance it all off. Boy its been one hell of a week.

Intro clip: “Cross-Examination (Sudden Interjection)”, by PrototypeRaptor:


  • Nintendo Direct 
  • Oxford study – no link between violence and games 
  • Yusuke Hashimoto departing Platinum games 
  • Activision Blizzard lay off around 800 people after record earnings call 
  • Evo stops broadcast of Dead or Alive 6 ad due to “core values”
  • Catherine: Full Body outrage

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