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Originally released November 26th, 2018

The season is winding down, and so are our stories, Nintendo, Telltale and Rock Paper Shotgun all get some love (Or hate). We even discuss our past in gaming, and Reso isn’t happy about it.

Intro clip: “I accidentally the whole Mario”, by The Grammar Club:


  • Walking Dead – The Last Season is back in development
  • Super Smash Bros has the highest pre-sales in series history
  • Smash Bros piracy
  • Pokemon Let’s Go sales passed 3 million
  • Nintendo Switch exploit “updated”
  • Ubisoft not censoring Siege internationally because of China after all
  • Steam Link discontinued
  • Rock Paper Shotgun writer disrespects FF 14 Fanfest and community
  • Retro Talk 1: “First Game System”, “First Few Games” and “Where did we get the games from”

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