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Originally released November 6th, 2018

Jennifer, ColdDeath and Reso return for another week and things get spicy with Deltarune, and the victorious return of Bubsy! Laughs and some anger ensue.

Intro clip: “Children of Zakarum” by Platonist:


  • Physical and digital “shelfspace” and download speeds
  • Nintendo console and periphery costs
  • What have we been playing
  • Microtransactions (on the example of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey)
  • Bubsy the bobcat returns… again
  • Deltarune and its uninstaller troubles
  • Nintendo Direct around Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Console Special Editions
  • Blizzcon pros and cons (Diablo Immortal…)
  • Journalists (and some other people) reacting to the Diablo Immortal reactions
  • working conditions in the games industry

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