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Originally released October 29th, 2018

We discuss Sony, Rockstar, Esports, and much much more, So sit back and enjoy Reso, ColdDeath, and Ferni in this chilled out episode

Intro clip: Final Fantasy VI “Day of Ruin” by DJ ThirdEye:


  • Reso’s Games Shelvespace
  • Sony PSN username change side-effects
  • What we have been playing (with some side-tracking)
  • The media’s portayal of games
  • .hack//GU Last Recode manages to sell 300k copies worldwide
  • Medieval Remake in the works
  • Library of Congress adds exceptions for the preservation of online games
  • Getting side-tracked by talking about some older games
  • Red Dead Redeption 2 releases, sells great
  • CS:GO professional player gets 5 year ban
  • New Sony censorship policy applies to Japan as well

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