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Originally released January 6th, 2019

With one of us sick and absent, Reso and CD tackle the first Episode of the new year, refreshed, energized and more snark than you ever imagine. Bethesda, OverWatch, and even 2K can’t escape out sights.

Intro clip: “Jaded by Death”, by HoboKa:


  • What have we played
  • What did we get from the Winter Sales
  • Speculation on “worst company 2019”
  • Atlas MMO launch controversy
  • Stardock’s Star Control Origins game taken down from Steam and GOG via DMCA
  • “Female” Overwatch eSports player “Ellie”
  • NBA2K Christmas “Present”
  • PS Classic price marked down already
  • Bethesda Nuka Dark + Reaction
  • What are we looking forward to in 2019

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