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Originally released: September 16th, 2018

ColdDeath, LadySugarCube, FerniWrites, and Resobaso come together for the first time to do the show. 

You know what they say, “First Season is always a bit rough”

This episode covers the following topics (and boy are there a lot in this episode):

  • What we have been playing
  • Advantages / Drawbacks of Nintendo Switch ports
  • Nintendo Switch Online
  • Pokemon Let’s Go
  • 30 vs 60 FPS
  • Text readability in some games
  • Micro-transactions in single player games
  • Mega Man 11 Demo
  • Octopath Traveler Demo
  • Dark Souls
  • Enjoyment ratio of reviewed games
  • The insane story of Memento Mori
  • How thorough should a review be?
  • Platform exclusives
  • Motion controls
  • Cross-Play and Sony’s arrogance
  • Mid-Generation upgrades (Xbox One X, New 3DS)
  • XBox in Japan
  • Console War
  • Paying for online access on consoles
  • Nintendo Switch Voice-Chat App and Friend Codes
  • Nintendo’s naming choices

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